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ELA Grade K-2
Text Set

Wild Weather


The first video, “Storms”, introduces students to wild weather in a fun and engaging manner. The next resource, “Wild Weather,” gives students a good amount of knowledge and introduces them into wild weather vocabulary. The songs “Water Cycle” and “Thunder and Lightning” give students common vocabulary to connect with upcoming resources. The next two resources, “Wild Weather” and “Weather Patterns,” build more knowledge and vocabulary for students. Next, the article on Roy Sullivan is a human interest story that takes students out of the textbook-type informational text and will help them make a personal connection to the informational text. The “Weebly” interactive site gives students some hands-on experience with the weather information that they have been reading about. Further, the article “Extreme Weather” brings students back into text and exposes them to a lot of information at a high, challenging level. The video “Tornadoes” and the interactive “Hurricanes” allows students to work with information that they have been reading and experiencing so far in the text set. Finally, the article, “Read for Relief” allows students to read about students who have done something for victims of the weather patterns that they have been reading about.


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