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ELA Grade K
Text Set



In the first PPT/song “Modes of Transportation” students are introduced to the ways to get from one place to another. The next resource, “This is the Way We Go to School,” is a book that provides students with an understanding that other children go to school in many different ways. Students will then view dynamic web-based photographs, in “Global Citizen,” that show children around the world traveling to school. The next resource, “On the Go,” is a book that highlights transportation by land, sea and air. Students will dig deeper into their study of trains with “Trains For Children” introducing many types of trains. In keeping with trains, “The Last Train” is a nostalgic children’s story about the bygone era of trains. “The Last Train” is a song performed from the previous text with accompanying music video depicting real footage and illustrations. “On The Move” brings students back, re-igniting interest in exploring more modes of transportation. The next resource in this Expert Pack is a video titled, “Things That Go: Fire Trucks” which gives students information about various emergency vehicles. The next two book resources, “Emergency Vehicles and Work Trucks” highlight transportation for utility and service. The expert pack culminates with a historical progression of transportation from the book, “Getting Around Through the Years and Travel Then and Now” leaving students with a wondering about future travel.


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