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ELA Grade 3
Text Set

Show Me the Money


In the first book, “Money & Madness,” students are introduced to money and why people want money. The second resource, “State of Savings,” is an infographic that provides an overview of how many children are saving how much money and for what purpose. Following this, students will view “Needs and Wants,” which is a short video explaining the difference between the two. The next resource, “Managing Money: Needs vs. Wants,” is an article that introduces students to needs and wants. It has students thinking about things in their lives and whether they are needs or wants. After that, students will look at the article “Money Matters.” This article focuses on the need for children to learn about making smart financial choices. Students will then begin to explore what a budget is in the article “How to Make a Budget.” This article presents suggestions for making a budget and spending money wisely. The next three resources (1 video, 1 book, and 1 article) reinforce why and how to spend and save money. This expert pack culminates with an interactive website from the United States Mint. Students will use the calculator to create a savings plan to get them to their goal. They can select the time they have to save (years and months).


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