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ELA Grade 2-3
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In the first articles,” The Human Body Hiccups” and “What Causes Hiccups” students are introduced to muscle spasms. The next resource, “Muscular System,” is an informational video, which explains the three different types of muscles and their function. The students then will read two books,” Muscular System” and “The Skeletal and Muscular Systems: How Can I Stand on My Head?” and gain information about the skeletal muscles. The next resource, “Get Moving: Tips on Exercise,” discusses different types of exercise and the overall health benefits of being active. The students will use the interactive website, My Plate Kids’ Place, to learn about the food groups and then build their own healthy plate. Then the students will read the online article, ”What Do Kids Know About Health?” and then take a survey to quiz their Health IQ. Next, students will read the book, “Keeping Fit: Body Systems” to learn more detailed information about muscles and fitness. Finally, the culminating activity will be for the students to make their own pledge and support the First Lady’s Initiative “Let’s Move! America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids.”


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