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ELA Grade 3
Text Set

Money: Saving and Spending


The first text, “Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday,” is a literary text and picture book that introduces the Money theme with ideas about saving and spending. The next resource, “The Study of Money: Money Through the Ages,” by Tim Clifford, is a reference book with background information about money in terms of the history. Next, students can use the infographic to build their understanding of what information is included on a dollar bill. The article, “Money Matters” from is the third resource that teaches students about the path of the U.S. dollar. Students will then read the text, “Wants and Needs” by Kristin Cashore and Anne Bowman. The fifth resource in the series is a video from “Cashville Kidz, Episode #23,” that teaches children how to create a budget. The informational article that follows, “Saving for a Cause: Pennies for your Health!” also from segues students into a real-life scenario about saving. The next resource brings all the concepts students have been studying together with a media resource. “The Truth about Savings and Consumption,” builds knowledge of why it’s important to save more than you spend to help the economy. Finally, students will close their study with a biographical text from “Biographies for Kids” about Milton Hershey.


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