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ELA Grade 3
Text Set

K9 Police Dogs


This Text Set begins with the read aloud text, “Aero and Officer Mike: Police Partners” which offers a glimpse into the relationship between police officer and his K-9 partner. The second text, “Should Dogs Work?“ offers a pros and cons view of placing dogs into K-9 police service. “When a Dog has a Serious Job to Do,” offers a glimpse into living with K-9, Kenny. The infographic, “About Cincinnati Police Dogs,” provides an inside look at the training process of police. The “Chief’s Message, November 2013: A Look Inside the K-9 Unit” offers K-9 unit information. Students are next directed online to, “How Stuff Works: Police Dogs.” This resource compares the scent receptors of human beings verses. The FBI information offers students a web-based activity to explore a variety of K-9 duties entitled. The next resource, provides a detailed account of the terrorist attack of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Readers learn about the important work of Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs. The webpage, “Career Profile: K-9 Officer” offers information regarding the training and salary ranges of K-9 police officers. “K-9 Handlers Receive Hands-on First Aid Training” offers information how officers must receive specialized training to administer first-aid to their canine partners in Milwaukee. The “Scholastic News: Japan's Newest Police Dog” introduces six-pound Chihuahua, “Momo.” This rescue dog could fit in your hand, but she’s no joke! Finally, students are invited to read the poem, “K-9 Memorial: ‘The Silent Car’” which underscores the deep relationship and grief officers feel for their fallen canine partners.


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