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ELA Grade 2
Text Set



This Expert Pack begins with the engaging video, “Kid President: How to be an Inventor” to hook students into the world of inventions. Next, is the read aloud of “Oh, The Things They Invented!” This exposes students to a variety of inventors and inventions from 1439 to present day, as it informs students about how different inventors have made the world a better place. Next the article “Building a Better Bicycle” will be used in order to hone in on a specific invention students can understand. The next resource will be used in multiple readings: “Eureka: How the Invention of Everyday Objects Changed the World.” The next article “Ben’s Bright Ideas” causes students to look at people who met a need for something with a creative solution. The final resource is the book, “Who Was Ben Franklin?” This text will act as a culminating study of inventors with the great contributions of a mighty man in history.


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