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ELA Grade K
Text Set

Icky Insects


In the first book, “Ant, Ant, Ant!: An Insect Chant,” students are introduced through a read aloud to the large variety of interesting insects and the characteristics that make them interesting. Students then watch the animated video “What is an insect?” which explains the body parts that make an insect an insect. The next resources are simple books “Ant Farmers” and “Praying Mantis” that introduce students to the life of a farmer ant and a praying mantis. Students then interact with an online powerpoint, “Let’s Talk About Insects” to gain even more knowledge about different kinds of bugs, the life cycle, habitats, and defenses of bugs. With that knowledge, the next resource “Eee Gads…A New Bug” allows students to build their own bug based on speed or toughness. The next two resources, “Where Do Butterflies Get Their Colors?” and the infographic “42 Butterflies of North America,” take students into the world of butterflies. The final resource, a highly engaging text read aloud, “Bugs!” introduces students to the many creative and whimsical uses of insects and opens the students up to the many more bugs in our world.


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