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ELA Grade 3
Text Set



Launch the text set to the class by showing the video “Amazing Kid Entrepreneurs – Shark Tank on Good Morning America.” This will serve as a hook to generate students’ interest in the text set. Next, the “Make Money!” Series of books are at a lower Lexile level than the third grade band and most students will be able to read them independently. Next students play the PBS Kids Interactive Game – Be Your Own Boss! Students choose between being a car washer, a dog walker, or a comic book publisher. Students then read a biography of the life and achievements of Milton Hershey the founder of Hershey Corporation and Hershey, Pennsylvania who began his business at 18. Next students read articles, “Dollars for Chocolate: These Teens Turned a Hobby into Big Business. You can Too!” and “Work/Play: Running a Store Isn’t Just a Game for One Small Business Owner.” Students watch webisodes of, “Secret Millionaires Club” and read, “Starting Your Own Business” as well as explore a number of business plans. Finally students learn about a number of young business owners under the age of 16.


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