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ELA Grade 1
Text Set

Earth's Place in our Solar System


The first text, “What Is the Solar System?” offers a broad overview of the Solar System as a whole and its composition. Next, “What’s Up in Space” is a brief text that defines the composition of the Sun and planets. In “Explore Space,” students will then be presented with more specific information about each planet’s characteristics. Ending the broader study of the Solar System is the “National Geographic Reader - Planets.” Once students have built this necessary knowledge, they are ready to examine more closely our planet using the book “On Earth.” This book focuses on the rotation and revolution of the Earth and how that impacts its daily and yearly cycles. It will provide students with information about how day and night works as well as the seasons. Finally, “Introducing Planet Earth” will be used to further pinpoint what makes life on Earth unique from the other planets in the Solar System. The last article, “Not too Hot, Not too Cold” (found under Recommended Texts) is quite complex but sheds scientific light on the discovery of another planet that is similar to Earth and helps students to consider the vast number of planets and possibilities in the larger galaxy and universe. Note to instructors: New articles emerge daily on our quest to find “new life” in space, please feel free to explore new discoveries as they are made.


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