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ELA Grade 2-3
Text Set

Body Systems


In the first video, “So Many Systems,” students are briefly introduced to each body system through song. The song defines each body system and its function. The next resource, “A Kid’s Guide to Life Sciences: The Human Body Systems” defines the systems in student friendly terms. Students learn that body systems are made of smaller parts that work together. Students then begin to explore the human body systems by reading, "Animal Systems" furthering their understanding on how body systems depend on one another. Students then read excerpts from the book, 50 Body Questions, which provides a humorous twist on the systems encouraging students to seek more detailed information. “Head to Toe: Did You Know,” provides students with interesting trivia facts relating to the human body. The expert pack culminates with an interactive website “How the Body Works”, which immerses students in each body system with text, video, quizzes, and other activities.


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