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ELA Grade K-1
Text Set

Animals, Animals Everywhere!


This text set begins with the anchor text What’s Alive. This text supports the focus question, “What is an animal and how do they live and grow?” The next text is "Whose Egg is This?" This book offers information on the concept of life cycles and what animals begin in an egg. The next topic includes learning about baby animals using the book "Baby Animals" and the informational song, “The Baby Animals”. This book encourages learners to explore pockets of new-found knowledge. This is also a time we would use the book titled, "Move!" This book would be paired with the “Healthy Me: Animal Moves” video. Both the book and the video highlight how different animals move. After learning about animal movements, teachers can use the text or the video, "What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?" This is a guessing book to see if children can guess which animal’s tail, feet or nose is displayed on the page. The text set will finish with the book, "Do You Know About Fish?" This is a book from a series of titles that cover similar subject areas.


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