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lesson 20
1 hour

Domain Assessment


Carry on a dialogue or conversation with an adult or same-aged peer, initiating comments or responding to partner’s comments (SL.P.1b)
􏰁 Greet adults as “Mr. (name),” and/or “Ms. or Mrs. (name)” (SL.P.1c)
􏰁Give simple single-step directions (SL.P.6)
􏰁Give simple, multi-step directions (SL.P.6)
􏰁 Assume a different role or perspective and express different possibilities, imaginary or realistic (SL.P.6)
􏰁 Use words or situate oneself in space or situate objects in relation to one another according to the indications given by spatial terms (there- here; in-on; in front of-behind; at the top of-at the bottom of; under; next to-in the middle of; near-far; around; etc.) (L.P.1e)
􏰁Combine simple sentences using and (L.P.1f)
􏰁 Understand and use intonation and emphasis to ask a question,
express surprise, agreement, displeasure, and/or urgency. (L.P.3)

The Activity Pages contain various activities for students to complete in class or at home with their families.

The Flip Book contains a collection of images that accompany the read-alouds found in the Teacher Guide.

The Image Cards are used to aid discussion in Skills and Listening & Learning instruction.

The Nursery Rhymes and Songs Posters are provided for use with every domain. The Teacher Guide provides guidance on how to teach a subset of these posters in every domain, but teachers may choose to teach additional rhymes at any time.

The Learning Center Cards are designed to be posted in classroom Learning Centers and provide information to students and teachers.


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From of the New York State Education Department. Prekindergarten ELA Domain 2: Families and Communities. Available from; accessed 2015-05-29.
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