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lesson 6
1 hour

Review, Reinforce, Extension of Material


Students will:
• Describe themselves and their appearance, giving at least two details about themselves (e.g., hair color, eye color, age, etc.)
• State two things that make them special or unique (e.g., their name, things they like to do, language they speak, etc.)
• State that all people are human beings
• State that the outside of the human body is covered by skin
• Describe their own shade of skin
• Point to and name the following body parts: ankle, arm, back, body, chest, cheek, chin, ear, elbow, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, face, finger, foot, forehead, hair, hand, heel, hip, knee, leg, lips, mouth, nail, neck, nose, shoulder, teeth, toe, tongue, waist, wrist
• Describe two ways our body parts help us move (e.g., our elbow helps us bend our arms, our knees help us jump, etc.)
• State that the heart and lungs are parts hidden inside the body

The Activity Pages contain various activities for students to complete in class or at home with their families.

The Flip Book contains a collection of images that accompany the read-alouds found in the Teacher Guide.

The Image Cards are used to aid discussion in Skills and Listening & Learning instruction.

The Nursery Rhymes and Songs Posters are provided for use with every domain. The Teacher Guide provides guidance on how to teach a subset of these posters in every domain, but teachers may choose to teach additional rhymes at any time.

The Learning Center Cards are designed to be posted in classroom Learning Centers and provide information to students and teachers.


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