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part 5
1 hour

What Do I Know?


Includes 8 Activities

Students use a collaborative process to develop and strengthen their writing in which they use clear criteria and their close reading skills in text-centered discussions about their emerging drafts.

• Students learn and practice a collaborative, question-based approach to developing and improving writing, using criteria from the unit and guiding questions to begin the drafting and revision process.
• Students use the collaborative process to revise their writing with a focus on:
◊ articulating their overall ideas with necessary information;
◊ the unity of their initial drafts, coherence among their ideas and information, and logic of their organizational sequence;;
◊ their selection, use, and integration of evidence;
◊ the effectiveness of the connections and transitions they have made, and their use of transitional phrases;
◊ the quality and variety of their sentences, the clarity of their vocabulary, and the impact of their word choices;
◊ writing conventions;
◊ producing a final quality product.


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From of the New York State Education Department. Developing Core Proficiencies Program: Units in ELA Literacy. Available from; accessed 2015-05-29.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.