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core proficiencies
20 Instructional days (20 hours)

Developing Core Proficiencies Curriculum


The Developing Core Proficiencies Units are an integrated set of English Language Arts/Literacy units spanning grades 6-12. The series is comprised of four 3-week units at each grade level that provide direct instruction on a set of literacy proficiencies at the heart of the Common Core State Standards: reading closely and researching in order to develop and communicate evidence-based claims and arguments about complex texts and topics.


Literacy Toolbox

The OE Core Literacy Proficiencies Toolbox is a collection adaptable resources for building literacy proficiency. While these handouts, graphic organizers, tools, checklists and rubrics are used throughout the Core Literacy Proficiencies Program, they are designed for teachers and students to use and adapt for their own unique purposes.

The toolbox:

• Provides scaffolds to develop independent thinking
• Is text agnostic
• Supports the writing process
• Can be used in many different contexts
• Guides and structures student reading and thinking at the textual level
• Provides evidence of student thinking for formative, diagnostic, and summative assessment
• Empowers students with the concepts, terms and processes of their literacy education

The zip file contains Toolbox components pre-organized into folders.


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