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unit 1
24 Instructional days (24 hours)

Understanding and Evaluating Argument: The New Jim Crow


Because of its extended emphasis on a central text, this module employs a one-unit structure to facilitate students’ close analysis of the central text while providing opportunities for students to connect the ideas in this text to those in the shorter supplementary texts throughout the module. The supplementary texts in this module help to provide background and context for the claims presented in The New Jim Crow. Students read historical accounts of “The Caste System” and “The Jim Crow Laws” as well as selections from PBS’s RACE – The Power of an Illusion, to develop a historical awareness of racism and to make connections among different systems of social oppression. Students read the Declaration of Independence as well as the Emancipation Proclamation to compare the visions set forth in these documents with the claims and evidence Alexander presents in her argument. Finally, students analyze the article “Broken Windows” to gain an understanding of the history of policing as well as an example of contemporary police tactics.


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