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Extension Module
24 Instructional days (24 hours)

Extension Module


In this module, students read, analyze, and evaluate argument writing and build the skills required to craft strong analytical writing, as well as participate effectively in group discussions and a formal group presentation. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, the central text of the module, presents the argument that mass incarceration in the United States functions as the newest racial caste system, effectively isolating and subjugating a large portion of the African American population, particularly African American men, through a variety of legal and social means, such as the racial targeting practices of the War on Drugs and the societal stigma associated with those who are labeled as felons. Students analyze how Alexander structures her argument, focusing on how she supports her claims with evidence and reasoning and persuades readers with rhetoric. Students develop their speaking and listening skills in group discussions throughout the module, in which active participation and meaningful contribution is crucial to developing an understanding and deepening analysis of the text. Students also prepare a formal group presentation for their peers.


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